ISDN Switch Off


ISDN Switch Off – Where’s the hype? ISDN switch off is scheduled for 2025. Does this mean I have to run around like a headless chicken and act now? In short NO! Planning for changes is always a positive approach in business. We all rely on the antiquated technology called…


BT Featureline Alternate

BT Featureline Alternate BT Featureline claims it gives small to medium-sized businesses the call handling capabilities of an advanced phone system without costly network set-up.  I thought I would compare this against the most common deployment of Cloud system we provide. Looking to a BT Featureline Alternate Assuming a fairly…


3CX February Price Update

3CX Partner

3CX February Price Update From today, 1st February 2017, An inevitable change to the pricing of the popular software based PBX, 3CX, however it is not all bad. We see the retirement of the monthly SPLA licence replaced with the full range of annual licences from 4SC through to 1024SC,…



PSTN vs ISDN vs SIP Don’t you just love the abbreviations used when discussing technology, let us simplify and decipher this. Firstly, where does this terminology fit in? It is the connection, telephone line, in which your telephone system establishes a telephone call to the outside world. Typically however not…


Business SIP Lines

Business SIP Lines There is a reluctance in business to transfer traditional telephone lines to an alternate  SIP connection. Why? This defeats me. The call quality, if installed correctly, is as good as traditional telephone lines. The cost advantage to utilising SIP is outstanding. Typically an ISDN channel, a minimum…